Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wine & Products of Rome

There's a tiny little shop that opened up a few weeks ago on Via Monserrato, just a sliver of a place you'd hardly notice if you were taking anything but a leisurely stroll down the street. Which we were.
It's hard to assess what the theme of this little emporium is, but then once you talk to the owner you realize that it's simply a small shop to sell what he produces, along with things that he likes.
The center of this sliver is a table filled with all kinds of vacuum packed sausage and salumi that all looks delicious. When I asked him where it was from (expecting to hear the name of a Laziale or Umbrian producer) the answer I got was Spain. Why Spain? Because it's good and the owner likes it.
But mostly what you'll see is what the owner's company produces: lots of honey, limoncello, arancello, other liqueurs, wines.
The bottles and packaging for many of his products are exquisite. I purchased a small jar of pine nuts and hazelnuts in honey. I visualize eating this with a spoon straight from the jar... Seriously though it would be amazing on ice cream, panna cotta, on cereal. And it's so lovely it would make a great gift.
The same goes for the limoncello and arancello: beautiful labels and presentation. His liqueurs delve into the more unusual as well such as a pistachio liqueur.
I also purchased a bottle of the owner's wine which apparently won an award in New York: Nerone, a Sangiovese wine. I haven't tried it yet but it looks extremely promising.
The company produces seven wines.
De Sanctis Italy is located on Via Monserrato, 11 just around the corner from Piazza de'Ricci. The parent company (a small family owned business) is located in Lanuvio: Wine & Products of Rome,

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