Friday, October 29, 2010

Persimmons.....from Bread to Yogurt Ice Cream

Kaki, cachi or loti in Italy, this delicious fall fruit can be found growing all over the Lazio region right now. Kakis grow on a tree and have been cultivated in Italy since the mid 1800's. The kaki tree is perennial and is originally from China and then Japan.
There are two types of kaki: one that produces a harder, more astringent fruit and the other that produces a richly sweet, very soft fruit. Some kaki have seeds, others not.

Many people love to eat kaki as is, scooping the soft fruit right out of the skin. The skin is very thin, similar to a tomato. I find the fruit's texture to be too slimy and slippery to enjoy eating on its own but I love kaki blended with Greek yogurt or used to make a bread!

Yogurt Ice Cream

Blend equal parts sweet, seeded kaki and Greek yogurt.
Freeze for several hours, stirring every 20 minutes to avoid ice crystal formation.
Top scoops of yogurt ice cream with more pureed, seeded kakis.