Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Colors of Napoli....

In his book Seeing Naples Barringer Fifield says: " Some cities are born for commerce, some for religion, others for reasons of state. Naples began with a song." Naples is all about the sensual: the music, the sounds, the language, the food, the smells of the sea and cafes and food, and the colors. It's one of the most spectacularly beautiful cities in the world. I've been exclaiming to my husband for days now "I could live here, I want to live here!", but he keeps telling me I'd tire of the the inherent lawlessness and the craziness. I don't know. I'm still in the blindly in love phase. It's not my first time here by any means but it's been awhile and I'm simply enjoying a rekindled love affair with Naples at the moment. Let me share some of the colors of Naples with you....
Old doorways with old lace curtains and motorini
The clock in Piazza Dante, above the Vittorio Emanuele boarding school: Convito...with room & board
Popolare housing in the centro storico, laundry hanging out to dry
Garbage and graffitti
Multi-colored and multi-style buildings, triple parking, full of life
Via Portalba, famous for its book stores, church with mustard yellow and gray
Colorful decades old books on Portalba
Local pescheria
Winning lottery tickets
Pensive Neapolitan man perched on a railing
Upcoming tombola schedule advertising a magical, irreverent, piquant event...
Red and gray exterior of the San Gaetano church
A local roadside beverage and aperitif stand
Gray & beige eggs with gray and beige man
Red palazzo with gray stone
Lemon yellow limoncello


  1. Irene, Let's go culinary equipment shopping when you're next in Rome!