Monday, May 23, 2011

A Sicilian Pasticceria in Rome

I take the train a lot. It's a relaxing way to travel and frankly airport security procedures are starting to weigh heavily on me. With the train you show up fifteen minutes in advance of departure time and off you go. I can easily metro my way over to the station but usually my husband drives me there and then picks me up when I return. Traffic is always a mess right around the station so yesterday I decided to save my husband a little bit of aggravation by walking a block away from the station.
I parked myself on the corner of Via Volturno & Via Solferino, just in front of the Caffe Giuliani.

The display of cannoli in the window was enough to draw me into the pasticceria. I ordered myself a coffee and a cannoli: they're small and I like that. Perfect for a mid-afternoon indulgence.
But it doesn't end there. There's a whole row of glass cases displaying other tempting pastries, and the aroma of chocolate about the place made it hard to step out the door and into our car, with cannoli in hand for my husband.
I think this will be my new pick up point at Termini, making train travel all the more appealing.

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  1. The restaurant site in Solferino Street, Roma has a woman very unfriendly and scoundrel.It´s very unpleansant